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June 10, 2012

It’s been a year since I’ve updated my blog. I’m not going to fill the lost time, just keep moving forward.

Z and I have been home alone together all week. Each morning we eat oatmeal and watch the tide go out, revealing lowtide mudflats, which means its time for his morning nap. Every day this week we’ve been visited by a nesting pair of bald eagles, who perch in one of the tall Douglas firs in the woods out back and squawk out to the seagulls fishing in the mud.

When the eagles move on for the morning, Z wakes up and we go about our day, much of which I spend trying to think of ways to use his endless toddler energy. Yesterday I had him push his own stroller up the hill behind our house, and back down again. He loves pushing things.

And this morning, under the eye of the giant bald eagle high above, he pushed his stroller through the wet, too-tall grass, while I sat and watched, hands on my belly as his (probably) sister announced herself to me with her thumping kicks.

My son, and now my daughter, less than three months to go, who often gets overlooked as I spend my days chasing a boy who climbs and grabs, pulls things apart, yells and grunts and charges full speed ahead.

Right now I am just enjoying the mystery of her, soon enough we will meet her and know who she is. Right now I am enjoying these quiet days home with my son, watching the tide move in and out of the bay twice a day and knowing these sweet days will go by all too fast.

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